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Fivebulous Icebox Cookies

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NOTE: Orders will be shipped between Jan 18th - Jan 25th 2022  
Fivebulous Icebox Cookies 五虎临门曲奇盒

Using just one dough, you can make FIVE fabulous cookies all at once. 

Icebox cookies are also known as refrigerator cookies. Because the cookie dough is formed into a long cylinder shape, refrigerated to chill and then sliced to be baked. 

These crumbly cookies with robust butter flavor are perfect sweets to make for Chinese New Year or gifts for family and friends! 100% handmade by you! 

What is inside your Chinese New Year Baking Kit?

1. Fivebulous Icebox Cookies 五虎临门曲奇盒 baking kit (all dry ingredients + baking tools) to make these 5 types of cookies (total about 40 pieces)

 Cute Tiger Butter Cookies 
 Dazzling Butter Cookies团团圆圆【水晶牛油曲奇】
Chewy Cranberry Cookies 鸿福齐天【蔓越莓曲奇】
Crunchy Almond Chocolate Cookies 幸福满满【杏仁巧克力曲奇】
Savoury Walnut Chocolate Cookies 合家安康【核桃巧克力曲奇】

2. Plastic cookies container (10x10x6cm)  1pcs

3. Self-adhesive cookies bag (10x10cm)  5pcs

Fivebulous Icebox Cookies
| Time 2 hours | Yield ~40 pieces |
Included in baking kit
 • Pre-measured dry ingredients:
[1] Base Dough
  caster sugar
  ground almonds

[2] Plain Cookies
  cake flour
  caster sugar (for coating)
  dark chocolate

[3] Cranberry Cookies
  cake flour
  beetroot powder

[4] Chocolate Cookies
  cake flour
  cocoa powder
  almond flakes

• Tools:
  2 piping bags

  4 sheets of baking paper (1 big, 3 small)

• Step-by-step pictorial recipe card and video

You need to prepare (not included in baking kit)
• Raw ingredients:
  120g unsalted butter 

 egg yolk (about 18g) 

• Tools:
  Big mixing bowl
  Electric hand mixer 
  Weighing scale
  Hot water 

• Our baking kits are built to order to ensure the freshest possible ingredients are delivered to your door.
   • Baking kits are sent out every Monday and Wednesday (our shipping days).
   • Most deliveries will occur in 2 - 7 working days depending on your location.
   • Orders placed 5pm on the day before shipping days, will be sent out on the next day.
   • Shipping fee RM6 (Peninsular Malaysia)/RM15 (East Malaysia)
   • Deliver to Malaysia only  

  • Self-pickup option is available (Saturday and Sunday only)
  • Location: Fika Book & Kitchen (Banting, Selangor) or Bukit Tinggi Klang
  • Pickup cut off: 3 days

Store unopened ingredients in cool and dry place, best baked within 1 month. 

Unopened ingredients can be kept up to 3 months if refrigerated. 

Step-by-step video

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