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3 in 1 World Bundle (Japan, Australia, France)

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3 in 1 World Bundle Includes:

Matcha Green Tea Cookies (Japan) Baking Kit, see details here.

Lamingtons (Australia) Baking Kit, see details here.

Chocolate Truffles (France) Baking Kit, see details here.

Welcome onboard! Let our “Around The World” DIY baking kits bring the world travel into your kitchen, and help you to create memorable baking moments with your child. There is nothing quite as sweet as indulging in a classic or traditional baked treat from the countries in the world!

Each baking kit features a specific country’s classic bake recipe and consists of pre-measured high quality dry ingredients, step-by-step pictorial recipe cards and videos as well as specially crafted fun educational activities, such as DIY country flag buntings and significant landmarks, word hunt puzzle and many more. Your child certainly will be fascinated by all these fun activities while getting to discover and learn more about the beautiful cities, unique cultures as well as interesting facts of each country.  

Konnichiwa! Our first stop is Japan. Did you know cherry blossoms are called Sakura in Japanese language? Let’s discover more about Japanese’s culture with your child while baking the crispy Matcha Green Tea Cookies with them. At the end of the day, your kitchen is not just filling with utterly alluring matcha aroma but also great laughers. 

Our next destination is Australia, home of koala, kangaroo, emu and platypus. The Sydney Opera House, The Great Barrier Reef and Uluru are some of the famous iconic landmarks in Australia. Let’s discover more about Australia while baking the Australian’s classic treat – Lamingtons, an amazingly delicious sponge cake dipped in mild – sweet chocolate and covered in desiccated coconut. 

Bonjour! Our next destination is France. Famous for its beautiful art, stunning fashion and delicious pastries, the Eiffel Tower is also another well-known symbol of the country. Did you know who is the “Iron Lady” in Paris? Let’s learn more about France while making the deeply indulgent Chocolate Truffles, a delicious French delicacy together. 

• Our baking kits are built to order to ensure the freshest possible ingredients are delivered to your door.
• Baking kits are sent out every Monday and Wednesday (our shipping days).
• Most deliveries will occur in 2 - 7 working days depending on your location.
Orders placed 5pm on the day before shipping days, will be sent out on the next day.
• Shipping fee RM8 (Peninsular Malaysia)/RM16 (East Malaysia)
• Deliver to Malaysia only  

• Self-pickup option is available (Saturday and Sunday only)
• Location: Fika Book & Kitchen (Banting, Selangor) or Bukit Tinggi Klang
• Pickup cut off: 3 days

Store unopened ingredients in cool and dry place, best baked within 1 month. 

Unopened ingredients can be kept up to 3 months if refrigerated. 

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